JR Smith Fluid Controls Products

Jun 1, 2020

Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.® is pleased to introduce our newest product line offering, SMITH FLUID CONTROLS™. Smith has been offering select Fluid Controls products since the 1950s and now we are unveiling our new, complete line of trap primers and distribution units, including:

Trap-Defender™: The Smith Trap-Defender is the perfect pressure drop trap primer. It is automatically activated when an online valve or faucet is opened, and the system experiences a drop-in pressure as low as 3 psi. It also eliminates friction and minimizes the risk associated with corrosion due to water quality. View our new Smith Fluid Controls brochure and flyer for more information.

Electronic Trap Primers: We now offer a full line of electronic trap primers, from a singular electronic trap primer that can supply up to 4 lines to a multiport that can prime up to 36 traps. All electronic trap primers can be interfaced to Building Management Systems. These units come equipped with an atmospheric vacuum breaker, solenoid, and copper manifold. Electronic Trap Primers can be hardwired or battery operated.

Surface-Mounted or Recessed Boxes and Distribution Units: Boxes have multiple options for covers and distribution units, from a lead-free brass cloverleaf distribution unit with 4 ports, to an ABS cloverleaf distribution unit with “Labor Saver” push-in coupling, to a branch-style distribution unit with optional connection ends for copper and PVC.

Accessories for the Smith Fluid Controls include: Trap Primer Adapters, Dielectric Fittings, Air Gap Fittings, Water Hammer Arresters and Access Doors.